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In addition to the information presented here, we welcome you to visit the University’s Spanish-language website, at any time: http://www.uvg.edu.gt/

There you will be further introduced to the many facets of the three UVG campuses—both those highlighted here at this website but, more importantly, the many, many more that are also illustrated in detail there.

UVG Main Campus – Guatemala City

Founded in 1966, UVG grants Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts, Licenciatura and Master’s Degrees. The most popular departments are Engineering and Education, representing 80 percent of students; Social Sciences, Science and Humanities are also offered. The Central Campus alone offers more than fifty academic programs. The University is doing well in reaching out to female students – 56% of its students at the three campuses are women. Since inception, UVG has been committed to providing educational access to talented students. Today, the majority of UVG’s students from all three campuses receive some measure of assistance. However, only partial scholarships are granted. Every student is expected to contribute toward his/her education. For current enrollment figures, please visit our website’s NEWS page.

The cost of gift of a scholarship for a Bachelor’s Degree student at the Central Campus is $5,000 per year.

UVG Altiplano Campus – in Sololá

UVG’s Altiplano Campus is located in the central highlands of one of Guatemala’s poorest provinces, Sololá, by Lake Atitlan. This campus serves five provinces: Sacatepéquez, Quetzaltenango, Chimaltenango, Quiché and Sololá, where six linguistic-ethnic groups reside: Tzutujil, Quiché, Cakchiquel, Ixil, Mam, and Ladino (Spanish speakers). A former military base, the Altiplano campus was leased to UVG in 1999 after its decommissioning, following peace accords were signed in 1996. In the last ten years, it has undergone remarkable transformation and today is a university campus educating the local, historically disadvantaged Maya people.

For more information on what’s current at the Altiplano Campus, please see the website: www.altiplano.uvg.edu.gt

Students from all over the highlands attend the Instituto Tecnológico (ITEC) here. This institute provides students with the last 2 years of high school, and 2 years of post secondary training, very similar to a US community college. The Instituto Tecnológico (ITEC) programs run by UVG are the only schools of their type in Guatemala.

At Altiplano, UVG’s Education Department also runs a bi-lingual (Mayan/Spanish) program for elementary school teachers; it is the only bi-lingual profesorado (teacher education) program in Central America. The first class of teachers in this program graduated in August 2004.

In addition, outreach programs are provided to people in the surrounding communities, including training for in-service teachers, farmers, and community leaders.

For current enrollment figures, please see our website’s NEWS page.

The cost of gift of a scholarship for a student at Altiplano is $2,000 per year.

UVG South Campus – near Santa Lucia Cotzumalguapa

UVG’s South Campus is located near Santa Lucia Cotzumalguapa, in the province of Escuintla on the country’s Pacific Coast. This campus serves 4 provinces: Escuintla, Retalhuleu, Santa Rosa and Suchitipéquez, where the population is mainly Ladino (Spanish-speaking).

Young students from all over the South Coast attend also the elementary and secondary school there (Colegio Americano Sur/CAS), established by UVG over 15 years ago.

For more information on what’s current at the South Campus, please see the website: www.campussur.uvg.edu.gt

Moreover, South Campus students also attend the Instituto Tecnológico (ITEC) here, which operates with the same structure as at Altiplano Campus: 2 years of high school and 2 years of “community college”.

In addition, an intensive in-service teachers program is offered through this campus, by the Department of Education at UVG, in partnership with the Sugar Industry Foundation. It has trained over 4,000 school teachers with its in-service courses.

As at the Altiplano campus, outreach programs also are provided to the communities, reaching men, women and youth, including the repatriados (returnees who fled during the country’s 36 year civil war, 1960-1996), in diverse program topics ranging from food safety to community building in a democratic society.

For current enrollment figures, please visit our website’s NEWS page.

The cost of gift of a scholarship for a student at the South Campus is $2,000 per year.

Instituto Tecnológico (ITEC) – “Community College”

Since it was founded in 1966, UVG has continually focused on meeting the educational needs of Guatemala. Most recently, responding to the poor quality of public high school education, UVG has developed the Instituto Technológico (ITEC), at the Atliplano and South Campus sites, to serve students from the rural areas of Guatemala. Rural public high schools offer only teaching and bookkeeping studies. Now, these students have another choice at ITEC. They can enroll in a program giving them 2 years of high school and 2 years post-secondary education. It is a strong academic program that also provides them with options of applied learning in the areas of forestry, agriculture, tourism, industrial electronics, mechanical electronics, and industrial maintenance – learning that will given them a job, and their communities the skills they need for development. Limited by available financial aid, qualified applicants during the program’s first few years were double the number admitted.

The cost of gift of a scholarship for a student at ITEC is $1,800 per year.


In Guatemala, the majority of public elementary schools do not have any post-secondary education. UVG offers working teachers a teacher-training curriculum, the only profesorado program in elementary education in the country and the only Mayan/Spanish elementary education program in Central America. In the Altiplano program, for example, most students attend classes on Saturdays after teaching all week in schools that are often far from their local villages. The teachers come from places like Chimaltenango, Quetzaltenango, Quiché, Totonicapán, and Sololá, sometimes walking 2 hours to get to a highway and then traveling 3 hours on a bus to campus. Our fundraising efforts have been effective in providing students with a chance to further their professional development as teachers. Graduates of the program can specialize in various types of teaching methods: Bilingual Intercultural Education, and Math and Computer Science Education, are just two examples of options available. However, the $1,750 tuition for the profesorado program is often beyond the individual means of a teacher in Guatemala, who generally earns about $300 per month. This problem is compounded since teachers with this additional certificate do not earn any more than other teachers without it. A gift for scholarships for these teachers will make a lasting difference in the lives of all the students they teach during their entire career.

The cost of gift of a scholarship for an individual in the Teacher Education Program is $1,750 per year.

Colegio Americano

The Colegio Americano offers early childhood education through to the high school level.

For more information on what’s current at the Colegio Americano programs, please visit the websites:

The Colegio Americano de Guatemala (CAG), in Guatemala City, was founded in 1945 and today enrolls nearly 1,500 students. The high school has an advanced program with 50 gifted youth enrolled who come from limited means. The Colegio Americano del Sur (CAS), at the South Campus, was established in 1995 and now has roughly 400 students enrolled.

The cost of gift of a scholarship for a student at the Colegio Americano de Guatemala is $6,000 per year, and at the Colegio Americano Sur is $2,300 per year.

Research Center

The Research Institute, housed at the Central Campus, is recognized internationally for its expertise in tropical diseases research, food science research, and other areas critical to Guatemalan development. Between its ten research centers and several specialized laboratories, there are currently 71 active projects involving a permanent staff of 95 researchers and 19 visiting visitors. Each year it participates in exciting new research with such partners as the Center for Disease Control (CDC), Johns Hopkins University, Yale University, and Liverpool University – among others.

History of the Foundation

The US Foundation of the University of the Valley of Guatemala (USFUVG) – formerly named the Del Valle Foundation – was organized in 1977 by a group of US citizens committed to the idea that education is the key to Guatemala’s development of civil society and prosperity for all its citizens. It is a US Foundation, governed by an independent board of US-based directors, providing oversight for all gifts and grants from US donors. USFUVG’s mission is to improve educational opportunities for the citizens of Guatemala and, to this end, raise funds for scholarships and endowments, build alliances with US donors, corporations and non-governmental organizations, and to provide financial and other assistance to the University of the Valley of Guatemala (UVG) in pursuit of its mission.

As a Foundation, we are dedicated to our objectives of:

  • Increasing the access to high quality education by increasing availability of scholarships to qualified Guatemalan students — special emphasis is on providing opportunity to the country’s historically disadvantaged Maya majority and other rural poor, with a particular focus on providing opportunity for female students
  • Improving the education of Guatemalan citizens by enhancing the overall learning environment and facilities of UVG and securing UVG’s future through building an endowment.

Since its inception, USFUVG has supported the UVG in the following ways:

  • Providing oversight, guidance and assistance to the UVG for funding from individual donors and organizations in the United States and abroad
  • Securing USAID/ASHA funding for the construction/renovation of buildings, commodities, technology, and equipment
  • Providing the administrative and grant management services required by ASHA
  • Providing scholarships for students
  • Obtaining the assignment of Fulbright Scholars and other professors to teach at UVG
  • Securing important gifts of scholarly publications and libraries
  • Assisting in establishing relationships between UVG and universities in the United States
  • Making contact with organizations and leaders in the US who have an interest in assisting UVG
  • Supporting the UVG Development Office in Guatemala

USFUVG is a charitable organization exempt from taxation under section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code (tax ID number is 22-2171258), and has always maintained the highest fiduciary standards. The Foundation has had annual audits performed of its books and records since 1984. Donations are tax deductible to the extent permitted by the law.

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is dedicated to the USFUVG objectives of:

  • Increasing the availability of scholarships to qualified Guatemalan students with special emphasis on providing opportunity to the country’s historically disadvantaged Maya majority and other rural poor, with a particular focus on providing opportunity for female students.
  • Improving the education of Guatemalan citizens by enhancing the overall learning environment and facilities of UVG and securing UVG’s future through building an endowment.
USFUVG Board of Directors

(as of October, 2018)

  • Marcello Canuto
    Middle American Research Institute, Tulane University; New Orleans, LA
  • Berkley Cone
    Greatglas, Inc.; Wilmington, DE
  • Ana Lucia Cottone
    Knack Talent, Inc.; Los Angeles, CA
  • Margot Herrera
    Workman Publishing; New York, NY
  • Catalina L. Keilhauer
    Educational Consultant; Baltimore, MD
  • Gerrity Lansing
    Equator, LLC; New York, NY
  • Stephen McFarland
    Former Ambassador to Guatemala; Vienna, VA
  • John E. Mack III
    Imperial Capital; Pacific Palisades, CA
  • Stephen Miller, Treasurer
    Dillon Gage; Addison, TX
  • Alvaro Molina-Cruz
    Biomedical Researcher; Bethesda, MD
  • José Carlos Monzón
    Plus Technologies & Innovations Group; Palmetto Bay, FL
  • Tessa Namuth, Secretary
    Newsweek Magazine, Retired; New York, NY
  • Carlos Nottebohm
    Commodity Trader, Retired; Gladwyne, PA
  • A. Lorena Passarelli, President
    Kansas State University, Division of Biology; Manhattan, KS
  • Kristin Lion Torres
    Airbus Americas Inc.; Herndon, Virginia
  • Luis von Ahn
    Carnegie Mellon University, Duolingo; Pittsburgh, PA
  • Rita H von der Goltz
    Investment Professional; Key Biscayne, FL
  • Bruce Wharton
    Foreign Service Officer, Retired; Asheville, NC
  • Peg Willingham, Vice President
    HarvestPlus; Washington, D.C.
  • H. S. Wright III
    Seattle Hospitality Group, LLC; Seattle, WA

Trustee Emeriti

The Trustees Emeriti are former members of the Board who have provided distinguished service and extraordinary contributions to the US Foundation throughout their tenure and who we gratefully recognize:

  • John R. Hamilton (2006-2018)

Past Board Members

Since the late 1970s, USFUVG has benefited from the dedicated leadership of men and women who have served on the Board of Directors. Their dedication and hard work has made a significant contribution not only to the US Foundation of the University of the Valley but also to the University itself and to the future of education in Guatemala. The US Foundation is most grateful for their board service.

  • David Anstice
    Gary Bratcher
    David Bird*
    Admiral R.C. Benitez
    Susan Benson
    Jack Blackburn*
    Allen Burns
    Laura Canuto
    Araceli Castaneda
    Stephen Cheng
    Shelby Counce
    Charley Davis
    Rick Falck
    Joe Fox*
    Cristina Franco
    Helen Franklin*
    John R. Hamilton
    Kenneth Jacobsen
    Jeff Horowitz
    Philip Herrera*
    Richard King
    Lutz Langnau
    Erick Mack
    Walter Mahoney*
    Walter B. Mahony, Jr.
    Peter Nash
    Gabriela Palacios de Quiñones
    Fritz Rosengarten*
    Leveo Sanchez
    Guillermo Sanchez*
    Robert Sharer*
    William Skidmore
    John Sly
    Robert Strider*
    Tom Stroock*
    Robert Taichert
    Jane Thery
    Neil Tillotson*
    Jack Vaughn*
    Kenneth Veronda
    Joseph Weintraub
  • * Deceased

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